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platoon of be worthy of is in head of a list of names posted up, gain space lasts in 80-120 yuan / M³ ; It is loose log of Bai Song, fallen leaves next, profit space is 80-100 yuan / M³ , engineered wood floors for exterior applications 2016 9, gain is highest in October it is 150 yuan / M³ ; The platoon is in ever since is radiation loose log, average gain is 60 yuan / M³ ; It is Hua Qisong log subsequently, average gain is 50 yuan / M³ ; Annual of Chinese hemlock log is average profit is 30-50 yuan / M³ .

Although railroad of all previous classics was carried 2016,be restricted to be restricted high to carry, marine charge rises in price, exchange rate of ruble add RMB, dollar add RMB rises considerably wait for a lot of and adverse element, to lumber international trade the industry still can say the good year that earn money 2106. free landscape timber planter plans From port of lumber of 3 mainlands road full continent in, peaceful in light of fragrance river, 2 Lian Hao spy, lumber import volume is relatively smooth 2016,

peaceful import volume has fragrance river to drop certainly. Arrive actually from the market quantity statistic, 2016 annual, full continent in day arrives 350 cars, day arrives on average 30 thousand stere, year arrive measure 11.5 million stere; Peaceful fragrance river day arrives 160 cars, day arrives on average 12 thousand stere,average cost per linear foot of composite deck railing year arrive measure 4.5 million stere; 2 Lian Hao spy day arrives 45 cars, day arrives on average 4000 stere, year arrive measure 1.65 million stere.

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under the premise of such a situation should be maintained."Old" solid wood floor to go "young route" in April is approaching, the decoration industry has gradually entered the season, held yesterday in Shanghai, the eighth session of the Shanghai International Flooring and Carpet Exhibition, some solid wood flooring brand in the design process Innovation,

which has been favored by many young white-collar workers. According to Hong Kong famous designer Huang Zhida introduction, the current international popular to solid wood flooring as the tone of the entire home style, so that can show the ecological connotation of home. Reporters saw the flooring business not only in the design process on the effort,

but also in the effectiveness of innovation. In a booth, prominently placed a called "magnetic health care," the pure wood flooring, according to sales staff, the structure of the floor to join a certain magnetic layer, barefoot stamped to play a certain utility. According to the China Forest Products Industry Association Secretary-General Zhang Wenling introduced this year,

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Akan menjadi arus utama bahan hiasan rumah. Lantai kayu pepejal 2006 pertumbuhan jualan dengan cepat, mencapai 70 juta meter persegi, dijangka pada 2007 kayu lantai pepejal akan pembangunan pesat. Pameran Antarabangsa akan diadakan pada 30 Mac pada 9:30 pagi, dengan Pameran Lantai Antarabangsa (China Changzhou) yang pertama hingga keesokan harinya,

Persidangan Promosi Pedagang Bandar Lantai Antarabangsa Henglin di Pusat Pameran Antarabangsa Changzhou C Hall di tingkat dua telah diadakan. Dua sesi keadaan ini, ini adalah Dewan Antarabangsa Dewan Perniagaan Antarabangsa dan Pameran industri lantai Cina, satu acara strategik bersama-sama dengan acara besar.

Wang Wei, timbalan pengarah Institut Ekonomi Pasaran Pusat Penyelidikan Pembangunan Majlis Negeri, Fu Feng, pengerusi Persatuan Lantai Wilayah Jiangsu, dan Li Luobao, timbalan pengarah Pembangunan Perbandaran dan Suruhanjaya Pembaharuan Changzhou, menghadiri mesyuarat Dan membuat ucapan yang indah.

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But Chongqing's peers have no fear of the entrance to the B & Q.Mr Jian ma te said that B & Q Nanping will promote the market prosperity.Matt said that B & Q is a proprietary model, and Matt is shop charter business, both positioning different, have a specific consumer group.

And B & Q, which is similar to the home, said, although it also adopts self-based models, and to demand the lowest price for the products to be sold at the supplier.But the East home has its own characteristics, the Oriental home in the lighting, kitchen and kitchen each category, there is a buyout of exclusive business products.

However, B & Q believes that the eastern home in Sichuan and Chongqing have only one store, a hundred homes in Chongqing only will open 4.The purchase effect will have an impact on the eastern home.23 Chongqing enterprises supply wear cologne hardware for the global purchase of the global procurement, yesterday announced 214 of the suppliers, 23 Chongqing enterprises were listed.

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New Jordans 2017, the Air Jordan 13 History Of Flight was considered a sample that would not be releasing to the public. Well, not anymore. Jordan Brand will be releasing the Air Jordan 13 History Of Flight as a general releaseInspired by a panther, the Air Jordan 13 bursts of animalistic designs. Tinker Hatfield crafted an astonishing sneaker inhibiting a paw-like sole and a hologram featured on the upper favoring an eye of a panther. Inside the hologram, a basketball, the Jumpman, and number 23 are visible.We’re talking about the Air Jordan 13 in the White/Varsity Red colorway which many people consider as one of, if not the best Air Jordan 13s of all-time. The 2017 pair will feature a white tumbled leather upper with eye popping hits of red suede on the midsole and heel.
The 2017 Air Jordan Shoes comes with a White tumbled leather upper offset by the Red hits noted on the sole unit, lining and branding. White laces, the traditional hologram on the lateral side of the ankle, the White midsole and the Metallic Silver Jumpman on the tongue round out the main features on the shoe.The Jordan Retro 13 is a retro version of the shoe MJ wore as he captured his sixth championship. Modeled after the speed and prowess of a panther, this style features a quilted leather upper with round hologram on the side and a unique hidden lacing system.Featuring a White tumbled upper that runs up the tongue, as well as on the unique side panels that the Air Jordan 13 possesses. Red accents surround the ankle hologram as well as finding its way down to the midsole. Finishing off the look are Black hints on the outsole, and adds minimal detail on the branded tongue as well.
The Nike KD 10 For Sale are set to release in golf-shoe form next week. On top, they’re largely unchanged, with the same dimpled overlays and tumbled leather you’d find on the original shoe.Originally released in 1998, this year will mark the very first time in 19 years that the shoe makes its long-awaited return. Set to release as part of Jordan Brand’s remastered program, the 2017 version of the Air Jordan 13 Low Chutney will feature a premium suede Chutney overlay that sits atop of a black leather base. Hints of gold will also complement this sneakers look, as the Jumpman logos on the tongue and side panel are drenched in a metallic gold colorway.The pair offer a full black tumbled leather with its classic padded panel. The silhouette also brings some suede overlay on its mudguard and on its tongue which also feature a bicolor Jumpman branding. Like every Jordan 13, the pair features its black cat eyes on its collar.
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Wooden industry website about gold-rimmed nanmu dog continuously report: Mad and gold-rimmed nanmu: A few ten million drop to a ton of 20 thousand nobody to want· 800 years old rare value of gold-rimmed wood composite hollow deck for pathway nanmu breed is breathtaking is sham the lumber of gold-rimmed nanmu: Embellish Nan [gold-rimmed nanmu of differentiates 4 gist to nod is one of China's particular rare wood [nanmu of silk of cash of Chongqing of group lumber business is about to buy 8 make a price 22 flatlet·

pretends to be flocculus gold-rimmed nanmu cultivates kind of exposure: Huang Xinnan, maple board, tumour of sweet camphor tree board etc [why can gold-rimmed nanmu of become royal and special lumber? best wood walkways deck materials pares the apotheosis appearance of the Wang Jinsi nanmu of cork · gold-rimmed nanmu what fokelore is true: Valence is flusher than gold counterfeit [autograph of project of gold-rimmed nanmu siheyun makes an appointment with rare wood of precious of development of protection of· Nantong attention: Cloudy wood,

gold-rimmed nanmu is not ebony [sales volume of furniture of gold-rimmed nanmu of grows one times than last year [Jing of gold-rimmed nanmu of · shows Chongqing You Yang city of in short supply Tibet of artificial porch decking tongue and groove gold-rimmed nanmu resource is popular the price is climbed go up weighs gold-rimmed nanmu 10 tons]​· comes secretly gold-rimmed nanmu is hanged in the disposal of stolen or contraband goods on the net to be seized [workshop of gold-rimmed nanmu factory transforms Man Jianggong of Suzhou of and extend project is finished·

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1 Specifications of  Open Type Linear bearing

2.Certification:ISO900 & IQNET

3.Needle roller bearing

4.delilvery in time

5.available samples

 Spherical roller bearing Spherical roller bearing
Thrust ball bearing Thrust ball bearing
Needle roller bearing Needle roller bearing
Ceramic Bearing Ceramic Bearing



1 Specifications of  Open Type Linear bearing 

1.Certification:ISO900 & IQNET

2.Needle roller bearing

3.delilvery in time

4.available samples

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Galaxy Korea, a manufacturer specializing in graphics cards, announced that it is offering coupons for downloading the Rocket League when purchasing GTX 1050, 1050 Ti, 1060 series graphics cards

The rocket league presented through this promotion is a unique concept game that plays soccer with a rocket-equipped RC car without a person appearing. It is a popular game that has exceeded 30 million users since its launch in 2015 .

After downloading the promotional graphics card, you can apply for the download voucher as a friend of Galaxy Korea Plus. The coupon event will be processed until the coupon is depleted Buy Rocket League Items.

Meanwhile, all of Galaxy Korea's graphics cards, as well as the Rocket League promotional products, are provided with a 3-year free warranty service through the Customer Support Center.


Jiao Xiaobin of head of a county of vice secretary of the county Party committee that expend a county says: "Innovate through science and technology, raise the additional cost wood plastic flower box wholesale of the product, spin industrial catenary, gave priority to with cheap particieboard, pattern plate in the past by main production, turn to a product main with window of ambry, door,

whole house custom-built give priority to, raise products of these high additional cost to be in of terminal market occupy than. In the meantime, in the process that upgrades in transition of anti slip tongue decking manufacturers stimulative board industry, we can pay attention to environmental protection, energy-saving, safe production more the requirement of these 3 respects, use these 3 methods, will force the transition of board industry upgrades. Will force the transition of board industry upgrades..

Changshu port whole nation imports Uruguay torch to install boat movement log loose first,On Feburary 3, 2017, jiangsu Changshu port greets the whole nation log of first movement of ideas on composite stair outside patio Uruguay bulk boat, the steamer anchor that carries loose log of torch of 32764.18 stere Uruguay at dock of Changshu Gang Xinghua. Import smoothly to ensure first Uruguay log,

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Dengan premis ini, kita mesti mengkaji permintaan pasaran, keperluan sosial dan keperluan perniagaan, permintaan pesaing, mencari kombinasi titik yang paling baik, mematuhi, publisiti, pembentukan ciri-ciri. Ini adalah pemasaran. Yang dipanggil pemasaran, iaitu produk keluaran Mr., dan kemudian cari pengguna,

Dan kemudian belajar pasaran, dan kemudian belajar lawan, supaya lebih letih, tetapi juga lebih berbahaya. Kepada orang semacam itu, hanya boleh berharap dia nasib baik. Walau bagaimanapun, perusahaan tidak boleh membuat titik asas membuat keputusan dalam nasib, terutamanya sekarang perusahaan, yang terbaik untuk mengambil kesempatan, jangan mengharapkan untuk dapat perhimpunan.

Sukan Olimpik semasa, adalah peluang terbesar, adalah potensi terbesar, yang meminjam potensi, yang sangat menjanjikan. Saya berharap anda mengkaji Sukan Olimpik mengenai peluang perniagaan mereka sendiri. Pembuat Kekunci: Naib Presiden Kawan World World Co., Ltd. Hu Jiqi. Hello, semua orang baik petang,

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