17 People Who Are Seriously Confused About Fashion

17 People Who Are Seriously Confused About Fashion

One of the first things you usually notice about someone is how they’re dressed. Clothes help define a person’s personality and everyone has their own style preferences. While some of them might seem strange to you, others are just plain amusing. But clothes are the way people choose to express themselves and we shouldn’t judge their style for being different from runway fashion.

We at Bright Side gathered the most curious photos of people who totally rock their own unique style.

1. Is this the Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2?


2. Can you assemble it yourself?


3. When you can’t decide what to wear.

4. Pepperoni-pants-Britney-shirt-hubcap guy


5. Heading to your yoga class like a lady.

6. Boots that are good both for deserts and ski tracks.

7. Not sure if he’s a hipster or a satyr.


8. A mix of a fashion model and a traffic cone.


9. He’s trying to keep up with several fashion trends at once.

10. Denim flip-flop boots


11. “Just got these at work… The fashion of the Christ.”


12. “Unsure where the hair ends and the jacket begins.”

13. Why would he bring this device to a concert?


14. Fish flops

15. She’s wearing a jean jacket. Literally.


16. This is the only logical explanation.


17. So many questions.

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