‘l’alqueria del basket’ is a 15.000 sqm complex designed by valencia-based studio ERRE arquitectura to let the young generation of basketball players train like professionals. with a total of 13 outdoor and indoor courts and natural light in all its spaces, the building is one of a kind in europe.

the use of polycarbonate is the key to the project, creating the perfect environment and light to play basketball
all photos by daniel rueda 


ERRE’s stadium solves the need to create a space that shelters the academy of the valencia basket team. the project is located next to la fuente de san luís, the current stadium of the club and its area is roughly 15,000 square meters.




the first volume contains the main court where the main games and the training sessions take place; the second one contains 8 courts designed for training purposes. these courts can be used simultaneously and become independent by an automated curtains system.

the program is divided into two volumes and is composed of a total of 13 courts: 9 indoor and 4 outdoor



the basketball courts are distributed around a central axis which has two levels: the lower level houses services such as locker rooms for both teams on each court, gym, nursing area and rooms for physiotherapy, while the upper level is dedicated to teaching, but it also contains areas designed for family members who want to enjoy the game of their kids. these spaces have natural lighting and crossed views thanks to a patios-succession design.

the two different volumes are connected with a big ramp that allows enjoying great views to the outdoor courts



during the project’s construction, the concepts of durability, comfort, and lighting have been prioritized from the very beginning by using suitable materials such as concrete, steel, wood, and polycarbonate. after all, the main objective was to create a space where children have the best conditions to play and learn.

the studio also designed a cafeteria for those who prefer to wait while having a coffee


all the basketball blackboards are regulable to allow kids of all ages to play



there are 3 locker rooms per court, two for both teams and the third one, for the referee


 the 8 indoor courts can be used simultaneously and become independent by an automated curtains system


the evacuation gangway was integrated from the very beginning and it enjoys from privileged views of the courts from above


the main court is where the main games and the training sessions take place and it has a capacity of up to 500 spectators


floor plan




project info:


location: valencia, spain

design: ERRE arquitectura

project supervisor: ismael padilla

facilities coordinator: adolfo ortiz

engeneering: adypau

year: 2017

built area: 12.807 sqm

photography: daniel rueda