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Heartbroken Dog Abandoned Because Of His ‘Ugly’ Face Gets Adopted, And The Difference It Makes Is Unbelievable

Meet Beaux Tox, a Labrador Retriever who was born with a facial deformity and experienced a life of constant rejection and neglect, until he found Jamie Hulit, his soul mate and a true best friend. Be...

Models Get Bodypainted In Bikinis At Miami Beach

Four models get bodypainted to walk around the beach in Miami. Random people don’t realize whats going on until they look closer and then react to the surprise!

I’m Telling The Stories Of The Relationship Between Nature And Humans With My Tattoos

My name is Mariusz Trubisz and I’m a 31 years old tattoo artist enjoing life in a city of Warsaw, Poland. I’m tattooing since 2009 and through all this years I was focused mostly on develo...

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