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Ronda Rousey Punches Guy In The Nuts During Cringey Xbox

Microsoft is working furiously to market the new Xbox One X. It'd be an understatement to say that its release is important; with the Xbox brand trailing dramatically behind Sony and Nintendo this generation, this holiday 2017 launch is a pivotal moment for the company's gaming efforts.

So, it's trying just about everything to raise awareness of the product, from high visibility online ads, to multi-million dollar TV campaigns. Oh, and celebrity spots.

One example of this was MMA fighter Ronda Rousey's appearance on CONAN this week, where she was supposed to be seen playing a game in high quality 4K in front of a live studio audience. You know, to showcase the system's graphical potential (which is seriously impressive, by the way).

Instead, all she really did was pick up a controller alongside a random guy before punching him in the gonads. No gameplay footage. No competitive gaming. Not even a model of the console on-stage. Just a fake cheapshot to the poor guy's private parts.

With more dislikes than likes, the video hasn't exactly been received well, and reasonably so. It was a cringe-fest that even made sidekick Andy Richter look like he just ate a lemon. Check it out (skip to 0:48 to get to the good stuff):

Yeah, that really makes me want to go out and spend $499 on a gaming console.