Top 10 Real Life Superheroes Caught On Tape

Be Amazed at these Top 10 Real Life Superheroes Caught On Tape! Superhuman Strength: Unnamed Russian Man – First off in our list is a Russian man who displayed unbelievable strength. When it comes to super strength, we usually think of superheroes with bulging muscles accompanied with popping veins and all that. Fire Manipulation: John Chang – Being able to control fire is an awesome superpower. While dangerous, you can do tons of amazing stuff like shooting fireballs out of your hands, breathe fire out of your mouth like a dragon, or light your cigarette when you don’t have matches to spare. Echolocation: Daniel Kish – Blindness did not stop Matt Murdock, better known as the Daredevil, from warding off crime in his city. Superhuman Dexterity: Lars Andersen – There are superheroes who don’t have superpowers but perform exceptionally better than other humans. Enhanced Memory: Stephen Wiltshire – Having a good memory might not count as a superpower, but this ability can be exceptional if used in the right scenarios. Telekinesis: Guy Bavli – Our mind is a powerful supercomputer and for superhumans, it is a powerful weapon. Jean Grey and Professor X demonstrated how powerful the mind is, exhibiting telekinesis to move things to their will. Adrenal Activation: Arlene Crammer – While having super strength can be considered superhuman, having short bouts of superhuman strength can sometimes be better – and this “superpower” is achievable by anyone. Aquatic Respiration: “Silvan” – Being able to hold your breath underwater is already impressive on its own. Being able to hold your breath AND hunt at the same time? Now that’s something! Enhanced Swordsmanship: Isao Machii – To be a master samurai, you must treat your sword like it’s an extension of your body, of your arms. Superheroes embrace this principle, allowing them even greater mastery of the way of the sword. Kinetic Energy Manipulation: Xiaohong Zeng – Buddhist monks are seemingly capable of doing superhuman things – from being able to generate fire from their hands to becoming invincible and immune to all sorts of pain.

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